Sunday, July 1, 2012

New Mixtape: Riff Raff - Summer Of Surf

New mixtape from Jody Highroller, hit the jump.
1 Intro
2 Cuz My Gear (Ft. Chief Keef)
3 Bath Salts (Ft. Ghetty)
4 Porche Cayenne (Ft. Bars Murre)
5 Jenny Craig (Ft. JP)
6 Squirt (Ft. Lil Debbie)
7 Orion's Belt (Ft. Kitty Pride)
8 Otis
9 Larry Bird
10 Brain Freeze (Ft. Lil Debbie)
11 Hide N Seek (Ft. Lil Sister)
12 Jose Canseco (Ft. Fat Pimp)
13 Marc Jacobs
14 Deion Sandals
15 So Throwed
16 Tatted Like A Biker Boy
17 Cookie Crisp
18 Suck My Dick With A Muthafuckin Condom
19 Time
20 You Never Know
21 Versace Python

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