Friday, May 24, 2013

Spotlight: Heyzeus (Feat. Swisher Jones) "MIWSHH (Mix It Wrong, Send Her Home)"

This was submitted to me VIA email. In regular fashion, $yndicate 20xx's own Heyzeus (@HeyzeusXX) and Swisher Jones (@SWISHHHHHHH) both currently residing in Indiana, release more "Luxury Styrofoam" rap with "Mix It Wrong, Send Her Home" which is the first offering from Heyzeus' sophomore project "The Velvet Room." You can see the chemistry between these two artists form in earlier collaborations Ingredients and Based Elixir . These records will also be showcased on their upcoming joint project which has yet to be titled. Until then enjoy this smooth joint and look out for Heyzeus' Velvet Room dropping May 29th! Listen to and download the track below.

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