Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Spotlight: Jus Daze "Comfort Of Comforters"

This was submitted to me VIA email. As the road to "Walk Twice As Hard" continues to unveil, Jus Daze (@JusDaze) out of Queens, NY, keeps fans and new listeners entertained and informed with more than just Hip-Hop, but a sense of reality that everyone can relate to. In this song, Daze says he dreams to "enjoy the comfort of comforters in the summer" which provides the title "Comfort of Comforters". With summer approaching, one relates to the snug feeling of tucking in under blankets to a nice air-conditioned room with the blazing heat outside. But this track not only para-phrases that feeling, it shows the simplicity of such things people take for granted opposed to others that don't have those luxuries. Stay tuned and be on the look-out for "Walk Twice As Hard" geared to release at the end of Summer 2013. "Comfort of Comforters" (Produced by Larry Legend) is the the third single release off the upcoming album "Walk Twice As Hard". Listen to and download the track below. 

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